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Reviews for "Dungeons of Kong"

Well entertaining game and nice artwork.

some type of boring because its just a point and click game. but fun!

i still did not play it but every people say its cool so i give 5 stars

Yes... I enjoyed this game a great deal. Thank you.

Great game! A simple, straightforward RPG. Easy to play, hard to master. I can really appreciate the randomness and replayability of all of your games, but this one takes the cake. I do wish there was a cancel button on equipment selection, because right now incorrect selection can break your team and strategy >_< And i'd like to see all abilities available to cpu characters rather than just to your 1 edit character. I.E, being able to mix Defender+Shaman+Alchemist on one party. Still, you've done it again Nerdook! 5/5, keep em comin!