Reviews for "Scott Pilgay"

Hahaha, I love Scott Pilgrimm, nice movie

Yes! Well said! This is exactly why I couldn't make it thorugh the first SP book. I kept thinking to myself, "Why is this tripe so popular?"

Anyway, funny cartoon. Thumbs up.


I love this cause reminds me of self convos when finished watching a movie OMERGERD

Haha, I have no clue what what the Scott Pilgrim thing is but the same voice and same personality thing was killing me. All these people are just hating because they are so used to cutting edge shit. Good job Carbonwater, keep up the good and hilarious work, I actually dug up my account and did a account recovery just to write this, and to everyone writing crap reviews, Get a life and a sense of humor. For a 2 year audio from the past, this is amazing. If you made the animation back when you first recorded it then people would have given this 5 stars like I said, they are just mad because they expected it to be flashy.

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks man. :)