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Reviews for "With Animation You Can!"

He is always trying to encourage more people to animate.

Great animation quality, funny lyrics, great music and great voice! I chuckled at the end, tho. xD
Simply love it. Cheers.

A good idea, that's Thoroughly Done.
And it can also inspire(!)!

A rare case of silly thoughts that go "5/5 is too notmuch!.."


2D is a crippled art, with 3D taking raking in the higher grounds.
Happy Harry's cartoons inspire, showing the devotion and dedication 2D artists have.
The fact he does the voice-acting and music of most (if not all) of his animations himself add for me.

And this is why I take my hat off to you, Harry.
And this song is the most awesome of all.

You inspired -ME- to learn to become a (2D) animator, having signed up for an education.
Totally awesome.