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Reviews for "With Animation You Can!"

Well, what can I say? I believe this is the highest rated cartoon that has ever been submitted to the entire site! At least at the time of this review. No doubt this will win every award out there. I just love how you are sending such a good message to everybody. I may never become an animator myself, but I have always aspired to.

I recognize your self design from the animation revolution cartoon. Go Animate is and always will be dead. Vampire T-Rexs are pretty cool. Reminds me of Sharknado. I feel like I got to learn a lot about you. Thank you for wanting to spread your love and influence to everyone.

Great stuff. Glad to see some tasteful, inspired animations on newgrounds. If you know of anyone who's looking to collab with original music, please send them my way. Great work, once again.

Superior and inspiring. Great animation as always.

Oh, Happy Harry. You smack me up. ^^

Oh, Happy Harry. You crack me up. ^^