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Reviews for "With Animation You Can!"

The world is a better place thanks to your animations......

Happy Harry still continues to inspire his brilliance in the animation world in this fun little number

I'm so glad we still have Happy Harry submitting his movies to Newgrounds it's one of the best things we got going for this site. And damn 1000 frames= a minute? Wow coming from someone who can barely animate thats one hell of a thing. In short never stop being awesome Harry keep up the amazing work

Yer a wizard, Harry (I'm sorry. I'll flog myself for this later)

Real talk though? You never- EVER fucking fail to impress, man. I've been watching your stuff since day one and I've always enjoyed your passion come to life via animation and your drawn works. You obviate the need to mention the amount of quality and polish that goes into your work because every product secretes it in generous portions.

Thank you for sharing your works with us. Rather smashing stuff.

Keep at it and I await the next episode of Starbarians with baited breath and hand on dick.

Vampire T-REX :D

You just cheered me up. Thank you.