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Reviews for "With Animation You Can!"

dat vampire t-rex tough XD

the ending i could play for hours has my phone ringtone.

So very true. I may look into animation as a future career choice for my own self. You are very talented in animation Harry! Keep up the good work!

Wow..just amazing. Did you use this as a showcase of all that you were capable of to a catchy little tune?

In terms of animation, this is astounding. This video in particular seem like it was made to show off everything you can do with animation, and demonstrate how it looks, something which is particularly difficult to do since you actually have to animate all that animation has to offer. This is a wonderful creation, a masterpiece created by a grand artist who is determined to produce content and share it with the world. I cannot express in words the sheer respect I have toward you, and your creations Harry. You manage to produce things that usually take an entire animation studio to make, all by yourself. You are a triumphant knight, standing exhausted at the top of the hill, looking at what he has done and taking pride in it, for he deserves to be looked up to.