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Reviews for "With Animation You Can!"

*Watching to the end of video*

Hey, this is really good! Not sure why it's not rated E though; I don't see anything that makes it 'mature' and stu-

Video: Vampire T-rex, Vampire T-rex,
You're my best friend forever now let's go have sex!

...Ohhhh, okay...

Your work is awesome as always, man! And Studio Yotta is certainly a fantastic up-and-coming group! Keep up the good work, all of you!

Brilliant! love it! ha ha ha.....

Really good. Quick question, is a vampire t-rex more dangerous than a fire in a nursing home?

There is only one thing I can imagine to be worse than a Vampire T-Rex... A Vampire Lady-Gaga... Now THAT would give me true nightmares...