Reviews for "GamePops: Classics"

I have 24 down to go and I will never give up on this game!

kleber responds:

That's the spirit dude! Go for it! \o/
If you need a hint, just hold CTRL and if it's not enough, post the numbers you need here and I'll try to give new hints for you ;) (I'll not give you the names)

I've download Flash Player 13,0,0,182 right now but the game don't load and says "Download the latest Adobe Flash Player".
The games works only Mochigames and in the developer site but not on Newgrounds :(
Howerver I've played it and it's a great game! Thanks a lot, I love old games and this is a flashback of my childhood ;)

kleber responds:

Try again today. I don't know why this doesn't work here on Newgrounds...
Enjoy the new saves, scoreboards and medals here!
If the game still don't work, please contact me and I'll see why.
Thanks for playing!

I'm proud to say that I recognized 26 right on the spot! I'm in love with this game not only because it brings back memories, but it renews my interest in the classics, and makes me want to play again! I only have trouble with #13, #62, and #18. Either way, this game is a masterpiece to me!

kleber responds:

Wow! 26? Impressive! Actually is better then myself!
I can give you some tips about those games you had trouble. Here they are:
#13: is a racing with rock and roll theme with several famous musics
#62: is a Capcom fighting game and two of its most famous characters are Morgana and Felicia, that have lots of good cosplays :)
#18: is a Rare (the company) fighting game focused on combos. Fulgore and Cynder was some of its characters
I hope I could help you.

Give a try to the other games of the series :)
Thanks for playing!

I barely remember any of these, but I'll be darned if I didn't stop to rock out to the ones I did (#23 especially). Really enjoying this game, it's gonna take awhile for me to get all of these :)

kleber responds:

Hi there!
Take a time and play the original games too. I can tell you: they really worth the time spent playing them, even if they are outdated :)
If you need some help, let me know and I can give you some more tips.

If you like GamePops: Classics, try the other games of the series: Sega Generation Version and Original.
Thanks for playing!

Great game, great selection, great music, Sometimes the clues don't really help though........... I have one left... 11....... HALP!

kleber responds:

OMG! I didn't see this comment!!
Sorry dude... if you still interested, you can get all the answers at: http://kleber-swf.com/app/gamepops-classics/
Thanks for playing.
Again, sorry about the delay (there was no notification though).