Reviews for "GamePops: Classics"

NICE THIS IS ALOT OF FUN surprisingly not gonna lie lol

kleber responds:

Did you played the other versions?

Great game, great selection, great music, Sometimes the clues don't really help though........... I have one left... 11....... HALP!

kleber responds:

OMG! I didn't see this comment!!
Sorry dude... if you still interested, you can get all the answers at: http://kleber-swf.com/app/gamepops-classics/
Thanks for playing.
Again, sorry about the delay (there was no notification though).

O jogo é fabuloso cara! Reconheci alguns jogos de primeira, outros tive que dar uma pesquisada, já que eu nasci um pouco depois dessas relíquias surgirem(1997). Fico contente que ele foi criado por um brasileiro. Continue assim cara, e me impressione com mais jogos :D

kleber responds:

Obrigado pelo reconhecimento :)
Espero que no futuro você jogue meus próximos jogos.
Até mais.

Thank you so much for not using "Green Hill Zone".

kleber responds:

You're welcome :)

The game is SO amazing I spent hours and hours playing this game and its still awesome but I ant get through 58 and 62.Can you please give me some tips.Thanks.

kleber responds:

Hi there!

I'm very glad you liked the game! I hope you enjoy the others too.

A little bit late, but... here are the tips:
58: this is a Microsoft game about empires
62: this is a fighting game from Capcom with several folklore monsters

Thanks for playing!