Reviews for "GamePops: Classics"

Please let me play this game.
"Download the latest Adobe Flash Player"? I have latest one!

kleber responds:

Try again today. There was something wrong in the past (sorry for that) - now is fixed :)

I've download Flash Player 13,0,0,182 right now but the game don't load and says "Download the latest Adobe Flash Player".
The games works only Mochigames and in the developer site but not on Newgrounds :(
Howerver I've played it and it's a great game! Thanks a lot, I love old games and this is a flashback of my childhood ;)

kleber responds:

Try again today. I don't know why this doesn't work here on Newgrounds...
Enjoy the new saves, scoreboards and medals here!
If the game still don't work, please contact me and I'll see why.
Thanks for playing!

Game doesn't load.

kleber responds:

Sorry for that. Since mochimedia was down, the game was too.
Now that it's up again, there are some new features: Newgrounds saves, Newgrounds scoreboards and Newground Medals!
Please take a look in the game again :)

i really want to know the name of number 56,55,54,16 and 34 because i realy loved the music

kleber responds:


Here I'll give you some tips for the games:
16: It's a very addictive racing game for SNES. You run against 19 other players and can use Nitros to pass through them. You have 4 cars to choose: Cannibal (red), Sidewinder (white) Razor (purple) and Weasel (teal).
34: It's a "Cinematic RPG" from Squaresoft. A rookie female NYPD agent needs to know why it's "mitochondria need more time to develop" (?)
54: Very old first person shooter game. Its engine became famous and was released with the same name.
55: A game that inspired a movie years later. It's about a town with a very deep and constant fog, black magic and distorted monsters. Very creepy.
56: Mana was a ethereal and infinite force and in the past, the civilization exploited it to construct the "Mana Fortress", a flying warship, which angered the gods who sent their beasts to war with that civilization. It's a 16-bit RPG.

I hope this helps you.
I'm planning to publish the answers inside the game. Wait just a little longer :)
Thanks for playing!

I have 24 down to go and I will never give up on this game!

kleber responds:

That's the spirit dude! Go for it! \o/
If you need a hint, just hold CTRL and if it's not enough, post the numbers you need here and I'll try to give new hints for you ;) (I'll not give you the names)