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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

cool game bro

Pretty nice besides that one glitch where you could have scorpions in a 2 boxes.

besides that the game was mathematical. (Adventure time)

Is it just my computer or, after freezing the box the arrow-key thing doesn't work?

Tumetsu responds:

It depends on how it doesn't work. If the detaching game seems laggy, you are most likely the victim of a videocard which doesn't support stage3d which runs under the hood of the game. If it is something else, you can PM me by more accurate description so that I can take a look into it.

dude, i though your game is good. but the afterlife medal cranked me over.
btw, i dont like the music... :|

I enjoyed this, particularly the art, multiple endings, and little games. I'll say though that after getting all the solutions and scorpion disposal methods, I wasn't really interested in discovering more death scenarios (I only got two), so that might be something you want to think about in the future. People are more interested in multiple success routes than multiple failure routes.