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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

Pretty nice besides that one glitch where you could have scorpions in a 2 boxes.

besides that the game was mathematical. (Adventure time)

Is it just my computer or, after freezing the box the arrow-key thing doesn't work?

Tumetsu responds:

It depends on how it doesn't work. If the detaching game seems laggy, you are most likely the victim of a videocard which doesn't support stage3d which runs under the hood of the game. If it is something else, you can PM me by more accurate description so that I can take a look into it.

What sort of a friend would put a scorpion in a box with a harmless turtle?

Anyways, had fun but the deaths could be more progressive and evolving over time. Customized per type of kill.

Pretty cool.

This was pretty fun. The music added a bit of comedy to the game which I liked. The most amusing part to me was getting the scorpion drunk XD

If you're asking for more from a game, then you know you've succeeded.