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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

DEATH was face palming

I love it because of the ending screen,but how do you unlock Facepalming Death?

I enjoyed this game a lot, the entire concept is hilarious and the ending screen? priceless. It was hard to get all the medals but that's what made it fun! Anyway, keep them coming :)
I love P & C games....

An absolutely brilliant Point N' Click with a great premise and, rather rare for a point 'n click: multiple solutions! Plus, unlike the moon logic puzzles that some other games have, some, if not all the possible solutions are hinted in-game. It is quite wordy though, which may be the reason this game is not scored higher. Regardless, best point n' click I've ever played so far.

Really good and original point and click adventure, finding all the solutions is fun and challenging.