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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

THe game is broken fo rme. Sometimes a grey transparent box at the bottom appears that I suppose is supposed to contain text, but instead all I see are a few white pixels appearing from left to right, the rest chopped off.

In addition, I see scenes, like a table or computer desk, and when moving the mouse over these scenes, a white dot about 2 centimeters right of my mouse cursor appears to follow the cursor. I assume this was supposed to be under the mouse cursor?

The game uses normal graphics, so I don't understand whsy it has to depend on Flash features that are apparently broken on my PC?

Tumetsu responds:

Thing is that the project began as a stage3d project utilizing Starling library. Unfortunately that technology apparently isn't as mature yet as it should be. Originally I had few ideas why to use Starling and regarded it as a learning project. Only later when project evolved I realized that I should have gone with regular Flash.

The main thing that I feel could be fixed with just helping the player think things out is easier and more cohesive access to the box screen with the lid, for example before you could see that screen only via using the combine options with drill or saw but later with the Frozen box its a different option which i have to select which threw me off slightly. Also with the multiple deaths most of them are caused by slightly different reactions to one or two key moments rather than being more spread out threw the gauntlet of the game. Hope this makes sense, enjoyed it but felt it suffered from a lot of the issues that typical (but don't need to) come with this genre.

This game was easier than I had thought about. However, the game play is boring.

Awful music, way too much reading expected of any player. I'm not going on a computer to read about turtles in a game. That's just dumb. Cumbersome layout with bland graphics. There are better point and click games out there. Skip this one.