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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

Got 3 out of 6 deaths, all the ways to save the turtle, and all the scorpion removal methods. Interesting game, though I'd like to figure out the other 3 deaths. Was a rather interesting game, though could have used a little more filling out.

I really have no clue how to find any other solutions other than beer and poetry.

And I never thought I would ever write a sentence like that in my life.

Things I liked were the artwork and the music. I like the fact that there are multiple endings and solutions.

One thing I would change is the scrolling text when I examine something. Too much reading or having to handle text is annoying sometimes. Just click on object and there is the description, no need for scrolling.

When picking up an object, let me pick it up first and then if i want a description of the object I can select examine after it is in my inventory. This makes it less annoying when replaying the game over and over.

Most of the time, you'll get games that had a good idea, but were poorly executed. This is sort of the reverse of that - it's executed really well, but the idea is pretty silly. That said, this game doesn't take itself too seriously that's easily forgiven. I actually don't mind the amount of possibilities, but I wish the outcomes/solutions/deaths were even more funny and out there. The Death/Parallel Universe/Alien ends are sort of out of place. I'd like to see endings that were more tied to the game but still crazy. Like feeding the scorpion something that makes him grow huge and break or you train the turtle to fight the scorpion in a death match. Things that are funny and related and avoid coming completely out of left field.

Tumetsu responds:

Thank you for critique. The silliness might be explained by that the whole concept came from a dream I had where I was in the depicted situation myself. (I used the freezing solution, but broke the turtle and wake up in panic)

You are right about tying the deaths into game might be a good idea. However, my approach was just try to imagine different ways to explain why player could retry from death, which is usually left unexplained in most of the games. Tbh, I just put in things I myself considered silly.

Great game, great Idea. Got it on my first try, the internet was a bit of a give away.

izz zoo hardd!!!! nice graphics though, I like them.