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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

I enjoyed this game a lot, the entire concept is hilarious and the ending screen? priceless. It was hard to get all the medals but that's what made it fun! Anyway, keep them coming :)
I love P & C games....

Nice game. I got almost everything. Is there a way to die after pouring the beer?

You got yourself a good game here, short and sweet. I didn't find any bugs. For such a short game it lacks diversity in the solutions and deaths. A lot of the medals were too similar. Its the only reason i didn't give a better score. I was a little let down after trying to figure out every scenario.

The situation is some nice black humor. I only found two rooms to search, and wondered where the bathroom was. Eh, its ok. Its hard to tell what triggers parallel death over aliens, which i seem to get in equal demand.

I liked the game, but some of the death were a little too similar like the alien and Death one? I think only someone who was actively trying to fail or who forgot to pick up certain items would stumble across these endings. Still, a very good and entertaining game.