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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

That poetry part was tricky. (I thought I have to keep doing it until scorpion falls to sleep or something).
And that part when scorpion attacks, gave me good scare at first. How does that bug jumps to his face anyways from that box?

great game, liked the idea of having real solutions to plausible problems, you may even save some lives with that divide one, that was creative, took me forever to find the BSOD, I just could not think of doing something that dumb, but now I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it. Now I know you can't think of everything, and etc. etc. but at the end of this game, I like everyone else, have annoying plot-holy questions, this are unavoidable, I know, but can be fun, and maybe you can use them in a sequel, or something? First of all, for such a realistic game, I think you could have had some red herrings, everything you pick up is relevant to a solution, in real life, some things that look helpful really aren't, but then people like me would think of ways they COULD have been used, and complain about it, or go crazy looking for the "pasta strainer solution", so I guess that is a necessary evil, also, I wanted to kill the scorpion by popping it in the microwave, and popping it like a gory balloon (which should have been a dead give away to the BSoD death), or drill its face in, I also realized that you could, in theory, read the scorpion poetry, open the lid, and get it drunk, mixing and matching solutions like this is fun, also, if you make a sequel, or something like that please add a way where the turtle can kill you, I don't care if it eats your jugular when you play the wrong music, gets out a knife, and stabs you repeatedly for yet another stupid idea, or somehow gets into the air and cracks your skull open like a frozen watermelon in a cheesecake factory run by grapes, it just needs to happen. Again, great game, fun finding all the stuff.

Tumetsu responds:

Thank you for feedback and suggestions! I agree that more solutions and options would have been very nice. Actually I even considered few of the things you suggested. However, making and especially finishing games is actually pretty difficult task and most of the time developers have to cut out some features so that game can be finished in sensible time.
Glad you still enjoyed the game!

Fun, but the poem part was horrible. I typed the words correctly but most of them wouldn't register and remain white. Ugh.

Tumetsu responds:

I fixed the problem which probably caused that it the poetry game.

What the hell:
This is actually fun xD

Simply awesome, but had some problems finding the poetry solution. And even more problems with reading the poem, typing it and getting turtle out.

Also, is that dark souls reference with "TURTLE DIED"?

Tumetsu responds:

Yes it is.