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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

Cool, you did a very good job!

Great game. if you really just want to kill them both drill the hole in the box, pour in the beer, and rip the power cord out of the printer/computer while its still plugged into the wall. put the cord end into the box and shock them to death. you could also try using the baseball bat on the box and try your luck. throw the box in the oven and order a new turtle by mail after cooking the turtle and scorpion. use one of the eating utensils on the table to kill the scorpion in the box after drilling a hole in it. drop the box off the balcony (assuming its serveral stories to the ground). drill a hole in the box and (assuming the sink in the back ground works) fill the box with water (it holds beer for sure) and drown the dang scropion and the turtle will live as it is amphibius. depending on the year of the fridge you might be able to take it apart and use the cooling chemicals in it to kill both of them. .use the saw to cut the donut box part into about the size of the lid of the box the animals are in and slowly slide the donut lid into place to divie the box in half. man the idea are just endless on other ways to solve this problem.


I really enjoyed the game it was simple yet very entertaining.
I did not like some of the deaths like alien and facepalming they made no sense at all of why they happened.
Other possible deaths should be use the drill on the turtle or scorpion. Or use the saw on them. Or cook the scorpion.
Medal Walkthough:
1)Drill a hole with the drill inside the closet and pour Beer that is inside the fridge it will get the scorpion drunk.
2)Get the drunken scorpion put it inside the the box over the kitchen table and put stamp that is on the computer desk to deliver the scorpion.
3)Put frozen turtle in the microwave.
4)use the saw found in the closet on the box then put donut box found in the fridge then use tape found on the table to tape box.
5)fail the poetry mini game.
6)Saw the box then put donut box in middle then hit the back button to leave the box alone.
7)Put the turtle in the oven.
8)Saw the box and hit back button to leave the box.
9)Fail the picking up frozen turtle.
10)Put the box outside so that the scorpion dies freezing.
11)Throw the drunken scorpion outside.
12)Open the box.
13)Win the Poetry mini game. You can find poetry book over the kitchen table then use poetry book on box.

If you're like me, you've probably figured out how to win the game long ago, and ares stuck on the deaths.

so I present to you a list of Dumb Way to Die (cue music):
Open the box.
Saw the box in half.
...then separate the halves. (why is this a different death?!)
Break a frozen turtle.
Nuke a frozen turtle.
screw up while reading poetry.