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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

DEATH was face palming

Somehow i managed to bug the game into oblivion...

What i did... i drilled holes, then cut the lid in half... and poured the beer in! I got the alien screen yet the beer text...

Game is pretty good, but the last solution was beyond me... Also possible deaths aint easy to find (at least i was only able to find 2). All in all a strong 4 stars.

Tumetsu responds:

Thank you for pointing that out. Should be fixed now :)

The beautiful art, nice music and creative interactions makes this game fun. I found the game a bit exhaustive when needing to get all items (even if not many), but that's my rambling. However, I get a black screen when returning to the Title Screen, yet the Title Screen's music still plays.

Good job!

Tumetsu responds:

Weird. I tried to replicate the black screen problem but failed. Going to investigate it further though.
Thank you for comment and I'm glad you liked the game!

I really enjoyed this game. It was a little short, but the alternate deaths and solutions made it a lot more interesting and enjoyable. I also enjoyed how you tied the story back into itself after death in unexpected ways. 4.5 stars.

Tumetsu responds:

I'm glad you liked it :)