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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

Preety awesome indeed. not that hard though. The only hard part i getting all methods and achievements...The game would do great with medals.

Tumetsu responds:

Medals are coming soon!

Great game. Not too challenging, but tricky enough. It took me a little while to figure out all of the different deaths, but not too long that it was annoyingly frustrating. Great job!

Note: I also encountered the minor bug where the return to screen button just leads to a black game screen, but this can be remedied by switching to a new tab then back, or minimizing the window then switching back.

Tumetsu responds:

Thank you for the bug report! That tab-changing solution should give me a hint of how to fix the bug.

I appreciated the complexity of the puzzles- It took me awhile but I finally beat the typing test. Very good game!

Got 3 out of 6 deaths, all the ways to save the turtle, and all the scorpion removal methods. Interesting game, though I'd like to figure out the other 3 deaths. Was a rather interesting game, though could have used a little more filling out.

cool game bro