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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"


It's pretty hard to rate something when you have no clue how to succeed in it. I am familiar with the story of the scorpion and turtle. Then again, I didn't read that hard, so maybe I'm thinking of something else. I thought the music was quite nice. It does in fact have a pretty clear format. I just couldn't get far in it.

You do not get a medal from not skipping. Maybe you do and it's just not working at the moment. I like how slice of life this is. I'm not just into these kinds of games. I guess that's kind of too bad, seeing the sheer number of reviews I've done.

Tumetsu responds:

To succeed in the game you have to read at least some of the text since it gives hints etc. Only thing you have to do is to get the turtle out while avoiding to get stung.
Game doesn't really have relation to the story. Actually I heard about it only afterwards :)
No you don't get medal from not skipping.

I love it because of the ending screen,but how do you unlock Facepalming Death?

Haha finnish makers
Hyvin tehty peli, todella hyvä musiikki, ja hupasia tapahtumia :D

Tumetsu responds:

Kiitos ;)


First off. I think Luc my have Date-Raped the main character.

Fun little game.