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Reviews for "The Scorpion Box"

I enjoyed this, particularly the art, multiple endings, and little games. I'll say though that after getting all the solutions and scorpion disposal methods, I wasn't really interested in discovering more death scenarios (I only got two), so that might be something you want to think about in the future. People are more interested in multiple success routes than multiple failure routes.

Great game I'm stuck on facepalming death and I don't know, aliens? Very addictive as I love trying to find the solutions.

I really have no clue how to find any other solutions other than beer and poetry.

And I never thought I would ever write a sentence like that in my life.

Things I liked were the artwork and the music. I like the fact that there are multiple endings and solutions.

One thing I would change is the scrolling text when I examine something. Too much reading or having to handle text is annoying sometimes. Just click on object and there is the description, no need for scrolling.

When picking up an object, let me pick it up first and then if i want a description of the object I can select examine after it is in my inventory. This makes it less annoying when replaying the game over and over.

Pretty nice besides that one glitch where you could have scorpions in a 2 boxes.

besides that the game was mathematical. (Adventure time)

Okay, so you got a nice little game here.I'm quite new to point/click games(Hyptosis initiated me) and I have completed a very small nuber of them and I find this hard.Maybe it's just me not really willing to commit time and thought to a game but at this stage i could not complete it.My biggest success was putting the box outside(gotta start somewhere) but the rest is a mystery.Pherhaps I will come back some other day and finish it but now that's all I can do.As for the graphics well, the art style didn't appeal to me so one less point there but the quality was fine.Music was nice and relaxing.Not my style but still, it worked fine for this type of game.Story - no points.Just something to glue the other stuff together.As for the gameplay there is very little that these kinds of gaems can ofer other than puzzle solving, and the puzzle here is beyond my mortal powers, so all I can give now is 3 Stars.i won't rate the game on the "pico scale" because i only do that on games, that I've completed(or - that annoy me as hell).I will give you score after finishing it but for now, that's all.