Reviews for "Alien Splatter"

I admit that this game wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. It just has a very cool layout. I think I'm going to the next stage at least when I'm at the end of the screen and start something new. I did like how fast paced it was. These are what a lot of classic arcade games were like. The enemies don't seem that alien to me.

They seem more robotic. I think the graphics are done pretty well. You really have to learn how to duck. It's nice to have some pretty good variety in how the enemies look. All in all, definitley a good game.

SinclairStrange responds:

I made it pretty quick, the main bulk was done in five days while I spent an extra day making an extra level when I waiting for Halloween to die down. Given more time and more resources I would of made it more rich with enemy designs and weapon pick ups.

Thanks for the review, it's just a little hard to make "alien" sprites with such a limited palette and size annoyingly :P


Pretty great, but not quite up to the old NES standards.
I think it's a pretty well made homage.

SinclairStrange responds:

>.< I tried but I guess you can never beat the ol' NES games. They're a thing of sheer beauty!

Nice use of colour, camera, and level flow. I would've preferred if you could jump up through the thin moving platforms, like in any other platformer. There's one thing that really bugged me though: when you quickly tap an arrow key it doesn't make you turn around most of the time, so when I want to turn around and shoot someone I can't because there's a delay or something going on with your controls. Why didn't you just use a simple constant velocity for moving?

As for the Author Comments, this was my impression: "Only 90's kids would understand, unlike you AAA plebs." Ok man chill out.

SinclairStrange responds:

Haha, my author comments were justified after getting a barrage of bad reviews and PM's when I released Ninja Virus and Sole Gunner. It's just my way of telling them to shut up as it just gets a little bit annoying after the nth time. Don't get me wrong I have plenty of current triple A titles on my shelve and I used to work for Sony so :P.

But thanks for the review, the platforms that squish you was just a gimmick for that purpose really. Perhaps I should of made it more clear in hindsight. With regards of the turning/shooting that's just being faithful to the 8bit counterparts. In most games, if you turn around while walking, you need to de-accelerate before turning, it's not constant.

Thanks for the review! :)

Very much a feel of Ninja Gaiden. I m little dissapointed, because Vice:Project Doom always was my fav over any NES Gaiden and you made a thumb that looks like Vice:P.D.

SinclairStrange responds:

I tried to go for a mix mash of all the game, so it's got a little bit of Vice, a little bit of Gaiden and a little bit of Castlevania. Personally I like Ninja Gaiden over Vice but they're both damn good games. :)

Loved it. Everything was old school NES goodness. Reminds me of a lot of old school platform shooters and has a lot of those themes splashed in. War Torn/Apocalyptic setting, train ride, robots as far one could boot. Great overall. My only criticism's are the grenade weapon and that the music could have been more memorable. The grenades were too unwieldy and the situations were few as far as I got. Only reason I mentioned the music is cuz it didnt catch on with me and that's something you really need to nail when emulating the NES era. Catchy and fun. Overall excellent and I'm lookin forward to seeing more later down the road.