Reviews for "Alien Splatter"

I love how this game remains absolutely faithful to the NES and seeing how modern gamers react to old school difficulty levels. I couldn't beat level one! This game rocks!

This game deserves the moniker "nintendo hard". That is not a bad thing though. It has been so long since I've played a video game that actually had some challenge to it. I will not finish this game quickly, but I will enjoy every second.

Loved it. Everything was old school NES goodness. Reminds me of a lot of old school platform shooters and has a lot of those themes splashed in. War Torn/Apocalyptic setting, train ride, robots as far one could boot. Great overall. My only criticism's are the grenade weapon and that the music could have been more memorable. The grenades were too unwieldy and the situations were few as far as I got. Only reason I mentioned the music is cuz it didnt catch on with me and that's something you really need to nail when emulating the NES era. Catchy and fun. Overall excellent and I'm lookin forward to seeing more later down the road.

I already love this game before making it past the first boss. The only issue I have with it is I kept dying for no reason at random points in the first stage of the game with health. Like I will just spontaneously combust. So I haven't gotten any further yet. After going up the platforms where they fly out the windows I was shooting fire at one that had already passed over me and I died, while fighting the boss after evading its attack several times I died, and then while jumping in mid air I died. I assume its supposed to happen when you run out of time. So maybe the game thinks I'm running out of time. I really doubt its possible to play any faster. The first stage is not difficult. From reading the reviews no one else seems to be having this problem. I am using chrome on a crappy computer. Besides that the game runs fine.

nothing like a retro platformer to make you feel small again. quit at level 5, my eyes started to hurt. now i feel old....crap