Reviews for "Alien Splatter"

If I wanted to play Contra, I would play Contra, not some shitty imitation that is only successful because of the nostalgia factor. But guess what, I DON'T want to play contra because that was a 2D sidescroller from the NES era. Don't get me wrong, Contra was fucking awesome back then, an extremely innovative game with tight controls that was fun to play, but now? Now there is thousands of games on Steam and XBLA that did what contra did better, WAY better. They tightened out the kinks of the game, the most noteworthy being that Contra wasn't hard, it was unfair. Enemies were not challenging, but you only had 3 lives, and once they were gone you were done. That's terrible game design and this game followed in it's footsteps.

The game is buggy, on level 2 if you go to the left you get stuck and have to restart and if you are on the edge of a moving green block and it switches directions you will fall. I'm no tester, but I'm sure there's more bugs to the game, that's just the ones I encountered in the short time I could stand playing it. I'm infuriated by people saying how good the graphics are, you do realize that a million indie games use this very style don't you? It's because it's really fucking easy if you didn't know, and this is shitty sprite animating to boot. I will say that the game has merely sub-par gameplay with it's shooting elements, even though they are relentlessly uninteresting. The sound is bad chiptunes that sound the same, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same fucking song throughout the entire game really.

The worst part of this game is it's tag line "If you can't take how hard this game is then go play any other modern game". I'm angry when people think games made ages ago are superior to games now, but when people have the fucking GALL to say that Modern games are easier make me enraged. In the era of Dark Souls this statement has 0 validity. This doesn't even make sense in the creators twisted little point of view, this game was released last month!

In the end, there are games far worse then this on NG, and I don't think it's utter trash, I just don't like how people are praising it for no reason other then appealing to the 90's kid inside of you. The game has nothing new or interesting to offer, and fails at coming close to Contra, a game that it's desperately trying to be. The only Splatter this game is would be the one that a bird left on your car window. It's unpleasant, but once you get rid of it you forget it ever happened.

SinclairStrange responds:

Aww, tis the troll upset that I had a go at his precious COD franchise? Or is the troll upset that games from this era are too difficult? Or is the troll upset that he wasted time typing and think of a useless sentence to try and piss me off? Or is the troll upset that he's got nothing to show in his life other than bitterness and jealousy, while people like me get front paged and daily featured? Or is the troll upset that he's not slept with someone in quite a while?

Or maybe the troll is just a dick, with no life, with no future, sitting alone at his computer thinking of ways to upset people so his can boost what little ego he has?

:). And I thought it was the season to be jolly!

love this game takes me back to super-Nintendo i love the graphics i love the smoothness of walking/jumping and especially i love it because its not like hose new sh*tty COD games love the game hope you make plenty of em success mate

COD= call of drunks or something ;)

The only flaw here is the minor lagging.Overall it's one of the greatest games in NG this year!

I really enjoyed the game.
Loved the graphics, music, and the whole old school feel.
The controls handled nicely, although 'a/s' felt weird to me since I'm more used to 'z/x'.

I'll be sure to drop by again to play this game multiple times.

very good game
I remembered SNES good moment

please make more game like this
but very longer and more medals

I beggin about similar game like this (but long and more medals)