Reviews for "Alien Splatter"

Awesome 8 bit game along with Sole Gunner (whic I enjoyed too).
Stage X was HELL (lol)

this was cool
but im so lame cant even finish lv 1

this is awesome but it makes me ragequit

Just finished the game. Took me a few days (I mean, I played 30-60 minutes a day). Liked it, though there were some negative moments. First of all, it must be my PC too slow or something related to my software (used Pale Moon x64 and Chrome x32), but I experienced a bug with controls where I put my finger off "run forward", but I still run and get a long fall to a bottomless pit. Or I press run forward but it takes a 0,5 sec. for the character to react. Same thing was with the jumping, that was annoying. The second negative moment is how controls work underwater, especially where water level changed, and you jump to the surface and somehow drown in another bottomless pit. There should be a way to keep your character on the surface. Now for the better part. Everything is fine about the graphics, they are clear, enemies are easy to spot, character and environment sizes are balanced, so you always have time to maneuver when enemy appears. Soundtrack wasn't something I could listen to in my audio playlist, but as an ambient for this game it suits fine and is not disturbing. Overall this game plays well and reminds me of NES Megaman which I also like. I didnt regret time spent on it and if you decide to do a sequel to it, or something else perhaps in a SNES or Megadrive style, I will surely play it. P.S.: make tough bosses and saves/passwords directly to them! P.P.S.: I'm not a native English-speaker, so I apologise for errors.

i leve all the medals