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Reviews for "Jim Loves Mary 2"

Jajaja, I liked that last jump into the spikes, a faith in love jump. And I get my achievement, but I would prefer it here in Newgrounds instead in that heaven.

I liked the game, somewhat simple, but pretty and funny.

Level 20 can kiss my ass. Seriously, the only way to beat this level is by having both characters jump over an pit of instant-death spikes and to just hope they touch before one of them hits the spikes? I think I'll go play a game that asks you to do something humanly possible to win. >:(

Liked he previous part & also this was really nice to play. I think, I've found a little bug: It shows 60/160. Shouldn't it display 60/60? :)

flazm responds:

Thanks! When you reach 60 hearts - bonus level become available with 100 more hearts!

Not fun without a player 2, boxes get stuck, pretty good story.