Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

man you need to work on this game the controls are preety bad but the idea is orginal.Kinda

It looks good, it has famous funny newgroundz people on it, the forever alone ghost made me laugh, etc.
However the game mechanics are slightly bugged a little bit everywhere, and it makes the whole thing plain irritating to play. (you get shifted from the ledge of platforms, you can triple jump while falling down an edge instead of double jump, sometimes when you spawn on the next screen you take an undodgeable hit, sometimes you collect stars and they add up to your visible count, sometimes not, and many more)
And im not a dumb bitch who understands nothing about retro style : if you take a look at "Ninja Virus" you can see it cloned Ninja Gaiden mechanics perfectly and buglessly, and it is gud, very gud.

awesome boobs

so hard

First off, I beat the game and battled the boobie monster at the end.

|The Good|
Great cutscenes, pixel art, music and voice acting.

|The Bad|
The Gameplay is where it falls flat. Short and riddled with artificial difficulty.

In summary:
Would have been a 5/5 movie. 3/5 because an attempt was made at least.

Remember that a game above all else should be fun. If I wanted to only stare at pretty things, I would go to the Art section, not the Games section, ya dig?