Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

too easy

deathink responds:

If it's too easy, how come you didn't beat it? Or why don't you try beating it on real mode >:D

I tried everything I could think of, is there even a way to get medal 11 and 12 ?C'mon man just a hiiiint :(.

Also great game, it was challenging on origial cupcake mode and I had a blast raging against it until I finally beat Dracula. I dont know if it's intended or not but I dont think the cross was all that usefull against his first form (Too fast) or it's final form (Only vulnerable to the whip) since I'm a hoarder and I saved all my items for the boss fight I was a bit disapointed. But other than this I had and I really cant wait for the sequel !

Hmm, Great game, beat cupcake mode, but Time Trial and Real Mode are still locked, any advice?

The game is very fun overall.I like the main theme and the good looking visuals.The gameplat was a little hard at first but when you get the hang out of it...IT GETS SUPER FRICKIN FUN.

forever alone D:>