Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Im not able to play this game on my tablet. Its a windows 10. Whenever I try to play the game, it would freeze and when i move the mouse around, it moves with it. Please fix this immediately.

deathink responds:


First off, I beat the game and battled the boobie monster at the end.

|The Good|
Great cutscenes, pixel art, music and voice acting.

|The Bad|
The Gameplay is where it falls flat. Short and riddled with artificial difficulty.

In summary:
Would have been a 5/5 movie. 3/5 because an attempt was made at least.

Remember that a game above all else should be fun. If I wanted to only stare at pretty things, I would go to the Art section, not the Games section, ya dig?

so hard

Alright, you emo chodeface! Prepare to lick taint of justice!

i very fun and enjoyable game keep up the good work.