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Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Wow...just wow. Couldn't stop laughing at the game's humour, and the gameplay is just insane! Best Castlevania tribute ever. Also, I played with a mapped controller (Dualshock 3 with Enjoy2). Totally recommend it. It makes appreciate more how well designed the game is: hard, yet you have such an incredible control it is very fair.

the game's great and makes a nice parody of castlevania, but I have one problem....how am I supposed to reach lvl 5?I mean, I've collected a lot of stars and all, still coudn't reach there. I'm gonna put my hopes that this isn't a troll :P

Well I think that this game is very funny, especially the dracula part ha ha ha, what is it with the final form?, but I don't understand something, how do you pass the blue wall?

It looks well-made but the controls feel awkward. Mostly the jumping. It just seemed that it should reach further. The corners seem to push you off slightly.

Well that was a fun little parody of one of my favorite new classics of all time

While some areas need some polishing up and some unfair parts like falling into a trap I like what you did with this game by capturing what makes Castlevania so awesome and of course Rice Pirate and Johnnyutah. Those guys nailed it. Also according to that ending it looks like a sequels in the making yaaaaaaaaay :D

deathink responds:

You forgot Sexual Lobster! Yeah man, they all did a great job. There VO works is easily my favorite part of the game.