Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Well that was a fun little parody of one of my favorite new classics of all time

While some areas need some polishing up and some unfair parts like falling into a trap I like what you did with this game by capturing what makes Castlevania so awesome and of course Rice Pirate and Johnnyutah. Those guys nailed it. Also according to that ending it looks like a sequels in the making yaaaaaaaaay :D

deathink responds:

You forgot Sexual Lobster! Yeah man, they all did a great job. There VO works is easily my favorite part of the game.

Wow that's cheap. Walk into the second hallway and fall right into a trap. Not avoidable. Real cool.

If this game had a volume control or at least an option to mute it it would be playable, sorry but 1 star

I like the sprites,cutscenes and the graphics too i love pixel artwork! but my minor hate is the green ghost! he's faster and annoying! only a half but i will give you a full star because of the final boss i expected a giant cookie monster but ok.

This is an awesome game. Deathink your games, and art work are always amazing. I hope to see more stuff from you in the future.