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Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Great game, the Dracula fight escalated quickly but still good! Some medals were weird to come by, stil llacking 13 and 14 (buffalo diarrhea and Alucard, if anyone got them let me know! :D ) Real mode seems far too difficult so Ima stop trying that ;D. Also, I found some icon thing like every secret in the game but you can't reach it. It's to the left of the Dracula painting in the hallway with the first orange ghost, when you send a cross through the green gate. Any ideas to removes those gates/walls whatever they are? Still overall great, and level 5 just takes a LOT of killing :D

deathink responds:

The walls were going to be removable in the sequel. You can get that item though. use your whip!

spolier alert: do not read until after game

because they all spell Assle Vania

this is like avgn because the nerd hates the game

deathink responds:

I made medal 13 for the avgn! Read the description on it. haha

Very fun, but way too unfair for me to really want to keep playing, especially when I got some games for the holidays. :P

very nice game, well made, and super sweet parody lol.