Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

very nice game, well made, and super sweet parody lol.

Wow...just wow. Couldn't stop laughing at the game's humour, and the gameplay is just insane! Best Castlevania tribute ever. Also, I played with a mapped controller (Dualshock 3 with Enjoy2). Totally recommend it. It makes appreciate more how well designed the game is: hard, yet you have such an incredible control it is very fair.

the game's great and makes a nice parody of castlevania, but I have one problem....how am I supposed to reach lvl 5?I mean, I've collected a lot of stars and all, still coudn't reach there. I'm gonna put my hopes that this isn't a troll :P

Well I think that this game is very funny, especially the dracula part ha ha ha, what is it with the final form?, but I don't understand something, how do you pass the blue wall?

It looks well-made but the controls feel awkward. Mostly the jumping. It just seemed that it should reach further. The corners seem to push you off slightly.