Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Not sure if I can say "fun game" since it was a borrowed scenario, but it was definitely a fun parody and well designed game. My only complaint would have to be that the attack controls did not feel very intuitive at all. Maybe it was just me but using left and right to attack was really messing with my head there.

Well done guys, it's a ton of fun so far. Also extremely funny... and really hard >.<. But I'm enjoying myself.

Nothing special, but this one's an especially well programmed and drawn platformer...just didn't last me a level, and there's a bug (or exploit) where you press r to shoot a free star to the right. The game itself is a bit slow...I hate platformers where you have to wait for the right time to do something, especially if that right time takes a while to come, like the floating monsters, I had to wait for them to pass at least 3 times before I strike...over and over again.

great use of castlevania mechanics, though while playing the game, i encountered some bugs that, while not necessarily "game-breaking" per se, did cause the game to be a lot simpler than you probably had intended it to be. a couple of these glitches were;

-being able to throw a cross to the right without a star cost by hitting "R" (usually happened after i [Command+R] reloaded the game)
-(i exploited the hell out of this one without realizing it was a glitch) at some point in the game, i found that i was able to do the "slide jump" whilst mid-air, i got past most of the difficult bits in the game by simply triple-jumping, then doing a slide-jump while still in the air. not sure how i triggered it though

looking forward to this "sequel", should it actually be a thing, and not just a clever jab at the fact that there are dozens of Castlevania games, despite the fact you kill Dracula in practically all of them.

Pretty good... I don't think the platforming is particularly challenging, but the controls make the experience much more painful than it needs to be, especially since there's no left-handed option. Mapping something besides movement to the arrow keys just feels dirty.

deathink responds:

Hahaha, I just use a game pad usually.