Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

so it looks and feels like it would be fun, if my controls didn't stick and sometimes not work at all.

Wow, I was quite impressed by this. The only things I did not like was how it seemed impossible to dodge those things that crunched down on you. You know what I'm talking about. I'm proud to earn my first medals using the new format on this website! The intro was pretty dang funny. The sounds are really cool too.

It's great to have so many talented people work on this. I think it all fit wonderfully. The triple jump is probably the best part. I appreciate how creative it is. The green guys look like Creepers. Given how popular they are, that was most likely the intention.

Finally you all are making a game, and with a medal fest! and tits! and now i need new pants.

I was actually ready to give this game a worst rating until I beat it (I know that sounds like something a jerk would say, but when I say worst, I'm thinking 4 stars). If someone were to play this for 5 minutes and just turn it off, I could see where they would get a negative idea of the game. However, the limitations of the game (the slow saunter of the character for example) was meant to make fun of a few of the characteristics of the Castlevania series. And I don't think I've ever heard of someone getting through an entire Castlevania game without dying so getting killed should be expected.

It was a solid platform game with its difficult moment and cool moments. I didn't come across any bugs whatsoever and I definitely liked the little surprise with Dracula's final form.

I did have some complaints though
- The volume for the voice acting was much lower than the background music so I needed to turn up the sound to hear the conversation with Dracula, which after losing, would force me to turn it back down when restarting with the music being extremely loud. The opening line of Belmont is also very low.
- In a comment below, you mentioned that there was a checkpoint system, but that it was tricky. I never came across one and I think it should be more apparent if there was one (though I don't think the game needs one).
- After getting hit, it seems like the time between the invulnerability and taking more damage is a little too short (though this might be another play on the Castlevania mechanic. I've never played the first Castlevania so I don't know all the references).
- I really wish it was longer. The game was great.

That's about all that I can think of. I love the little things you put into this, like the zombies coming out of the ground with a flower on their heads. I think I know which of your games I'll be reviewing :)

Very good job and by the way, how did you get so many famous people on board with this project?