Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

i was hoping there would be a cheakpoint after reaching Alucard... of course not. the controls are sticky the layout is unforgiving, overall, id rather just watch the cutscenes on youtube for that glorious Johnny utah humor

fuck this
tip to those who bother; as soon as the game starts jump three times

-So, as a hardcore Castlevania fan, this is like, THE best throwback to the originals. I absolutely love it XD I especially love all the jokes that are included, with Dracula's portrait the most. :3
-I also love the RicePirate song that is hidden away.
-But I still cant find medals 12 and 15, and I searched high and low. Any trick to help?
Also, for real mode, so close but so far :< I died on Dracula's final form. Hardest rooms though are the orange ghost and 2 spinning spikes, and green ghost with spinning spikes. Loving the difficulty
-As a tip for Real mode for others, take/bide your time, know when to dash, and memorize the animations of dracula. Subtle hints make the difference ;D

Bewbs. Rice pirate song.

It is a short game, but who wants to replay the first half of rooms that are no fun, such as everything until it gets to the mario-style ghosts.

I don't know what was going on but sometimes it was slow and sometimes it was fast? Either way, wish I had another heart or two lol maybe I should be sober when playing this. I couldn't get past the third room with the flying bitch heads lululul OH! and maybe some subtitles? Mah speakers arg broke!

man you need to work on this game the controls are preety bad but the idea is orginal.Kinda