Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

Well! Only having FIVE BULLETS certainly puts a damper on things!

if the point was to recreate the frustration of the original castlevania, you nailed it. i really want to love it, it's really well done for the most part, it but it just gets too irritating to play for very long.

what are the blue and green ghost doors for

this is to hard kus the ghostes Blocks of the way and even when its invisebal it still hits you.

you should make the ghost like only can hit you when its visibal kus then you be able to og through it when its invisebal

also you should make the jumping better kus it sucks

I am a huge Castlevania fan, and this is absolutely hilarious and fun.
And what makes it that much better is the fact that some of my favorite artists here contributed to making this gem.
Anyway, I'm having trouble getting medal #7 because I'm already following you on NG, so the medal doesn't pop up...
Other than that, this is an amazing collaboration and a welcome abomination to the Castlevania franchise!