Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

good game though controls could use some work

This is not a regular mario-type game, where you deal with certain enemies in certain ways, or just on platforms/get power-ups to progress through the level, giving different ways to complete the mission. This is one puzzle, a small trial-and-error game where each room poses a specific problem to overcome. Don't expect to beat it within the first twenty or so tries.

My only genuine problems are that the ghost is broken, its been programmed to actually fly on to the sprite and go dormant so and when it does, its guaranteed damage so it accounts for many cheap, annoying deaths... and some of the solutions to obsticals seem to favor the lazy, like the upside down crushing blocks, you can just slide through the chain rarther that it being any harder than the normal crushing block from the first levels, other than that great visuals, good voice acting as to be expected from rice pirate, sexuallobster and johnny, good job!

IT was said already. IF you can't beat the game on Cupcake..you might as well quit now. Cause when you only have 1 hit in Real mode...you're really gonna get upset. XD
Thanks for leaving me in a shivering thumbsucking state like Castlevania 3 did to me back in the day. XD I DEMAND A GAME GENIE !!! hahaha.
Good Retro Fun Guys !

I only played for like 5 mins before my first death, but I can already tell this game is just going to be fantastic.