Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

man dude, youre like, becoming a triple threat with all this art, animation and now game coding stuff, great game oozes a ton of style and humor. If I had one minor gripe the controls could feel a bit more responsive but aside from that killer.

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot man, I put a lot of hard work into this. I also might be uploading some of my crappy music and VA stuff soon. Anyway, I am real glad you like it my man!

OK! I finally got around to making the review! I beat the game, and found some interesting easter eggs, beat the boss, laughed, cried, and really got down to the amazingly done music in the game! The music was pure bliss, it really was a great experience and I enjoyed playing it, and thank you for making this brilliant game. Hell, this is even better than the cartoon this was based on.

Oh, and the REFERENCES! There are TONS of them! There's a reference to Spike - A Love Story, a reference to, well, YOU in the background of the final boss - Dracula, there's a reference to Newgrounds stuff, EVERYWHERE!

This game has alot of Newgrounds spirit, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. This is easily the greatest game you have ever made, and I hope you can top this one up with it's sequel already in the works.

Another thing, the gameplay: The core component to any game, story is one thing, but gameplay is the main thing when it comes to video-games and this one has some, alot of it: It's challenging, humorous, and it's well, Castlevania style gameplay so, if you're familiar to the gameplay from Castlevania then you will be immediately get the control scheme to it. Ya got your cross thingy, and your whip thingy that has a saw on the end of it, the perfect tools for fighting a vampire.

Can't get over how good this is compared to your last game! It's so good! This may have been a short experience, (like my dick!) but it was a good one...Also, shut up on Twitter, man! Shut uuuuuu-

I tried everything I could think of, is there even a way to get medal 11 and 12 ?C'mon man just a hiiiint :(.

Also great game, it was challenging on origial cupcake mode and I had a blast raging against it until I finally beat Dracula. I dont know if it's intended or not but I dont think the cross was all that usefull against his first form (Too fast) or it's final form (Only vulnerable to the whip) since I'm a hoarder and I saved all my items for the boss fight I was a bit disapointed. But other than this I had and I really cant wait for the sequel !

Really enjoying this game, and I am determined to get under 1:10 for the time trial, fantastic game so far and the controls do take a bit of time to get use to. But by abusing the ability to slide before the next screen loads helps the speed run time.