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Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

i found this game pretty fun! but i still have no idea how to get past those blue and green walls D:

Achievements look pretty sweet


Brilliantly done.

It's nice to see time and effort being spent on a game by people with actual talent that are trying produce something worth playing.
Thank you for that. it restores - to a degree - my faith in game designers.

deathink responds:

Thanks for playing man, and I am real glad you like it. I spent a REAL lot of time on it.

I agree that it's a bit too hard which makes it repetitive but I have to say the humorous narrative make it all worthwhile!

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man. Yeah man, Jeff Mick and Mr.Lobster make it all worth while.

Great game!
Noticed a little bug - right after finishing cupcake mode I went on to play real mode.
At the beginning I skipped to the upper left part and got the teleports from the cupcake mode.
Was teleported to the boss with 4 hearts. Killed the boss in like 10 seconds playtime.

deathink responds:

That is odd, I will look into that, and thanks for the review :)