Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

How do I get the medal "never alone"? Love the game BTW

deathink responds:

Looks like you already unlocked it.

Very good game. I like the attention to detail. It is detail what makes classic NES and SNES era games, great. I feel most authors this days forget the little things that make the game deep. Things like the power-ups systems, the death animations, and different reactions of the characters.

I liked this game, thank you very much.

I recommend.

This was fun I wanted to try to get all the medals but I don't have a twitter.

Awesome game, one of my favorites.
i just wanna know how to get medals 11 and 12
c'mon just a hint :)

deathink responds:

I am not sure I remember... 11 is a hidden song, and I believe 12 has to do with the green ghost.


deathink responds:

Thanks man!