Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

The game started, I pressed the down arrow key to see what it did, and died. This was the best experience I've ever had with a game. I died as soon as I touched it. I'm going to play the game after typing this, and I can tell it will be great. Thank you for giving me that experience though. It was hilarious.

Epic game O_O

Fuck this game

Great game. Controls are good, very responsive. I don't why so many people complain about them. The same thing goes to difficulty. People are still complaining about it even with this nerfed version. New version is fine. It have the average difficulty. Real mode was challenging as it should be.
Voice acting is just superb. I really liked the pixel art. It's very detailed.
Medal names and edge detection could be improved. Frequently when landing on edge it move me away from it. It also work the second way. Frequently I'm moved up when jumping up and missing few pixels to edge.
I read you may release second game with same map (hence barriers). But it wasn't released because it grew to big. If the second game will have the same hero it'll be a waste of story. Because in this game we go from start to finish. So if next one will use same hero it'll be more of extension than second game.

P.S. I'm still missing the Medal_12: "Never alone...". If someone know how to get it I would love to get some help from you. (Hint preferable).

Pretty decent. I'm still stuck in the room with the green ghost and the two spinning blades, but if this is like any other style of old game, its trial and error. That ghost is nasty, but im determined to get past it. I dont think the section is about jumping the platforms to be honest.

It's a decent time waster and i like that you have a star cast of voice actors too, but perhaps the jokes could be a little better written out? I like its voiced, but the jokes seem a little to forced tbh, i know that sexual lobster is a little more fluent in his humor so maybe its just the few lines i've heard so far.

My only issues are with the movement system and enemy response time. It moves to slow to have a blur effect, response time for the ghosts, especially the green ghost, is just teeny bit to slow, i couldn't hit him with the flail either, but other than that, its a great game. Just a little critcism, compared to most games i've reviewed in the past.

Great job mate.