Reviews for "Asslevania: SOTB"

i love the voice acting the game is good and its such a rage game but i will keep playing in till my head rots

good game but I cant seen to figure out how to kill the final form of Dracula

Simple awesome, loved the style, the music and the controls work fuidly, the only problem is that he walks way too slow, i had to dash the whole game to go a bit faster, he should be able sprint by tapping forward twice or something. Also, i wish i could swap the Z and X attacks, for some reason, i feel uncomfortable having a special attack in my middle finger instead of a basic move.

Anyway, good job, looking forward to the sequel!

Aww, common, no checkpoints? I think you should have checkpoints. Like, every door you enter should be a check point. And I think you should make upgrades. I know the whole upgrade concept kind of gets annoying, because you don't know what to "spend" your "money" on, but I think it would be cool with this game. Other than that, this game is wonderful, so I'll give you four stars. Trust me, it would be five if you added upgrades and checkpoints

this game is pretty good but i have to say why did their have to be a little dude