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Reviews for "PokeNormal Activity"

Loved this lol


This gave me lolz more because of personal experience. THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING, was something me and all my friends said when something was explained. Sort of an inside joke!
to see this. fucking awesome.

Anyways the overall animation was not bad at all! I actually saw you animating this with toon boom on Join.me. So anyways, the cursing i felt was unnecessary at times but who could've pulled it off better than AngelxMikey :) love it!

Ah, this was pretty good.
Some very good puns. Some lame puns.
Needless pointless cursing in the voice of a 8 year old girl...
Yeah, the main reason this sucks is the voice of the girl who played Ash.
Also, might as well add, the 'flippin flapjacks', what was that? You had a girl curse aimlessly with no purpose but you add a fake curse because you had no puns?
Well, in the end this video was good. Remove the shit and this shines gloriously.

AngelXMIkey responds:

....How does he sound like a girl (he was played by an Australian guy)

what tha hell.... That explains everything!.... and you make creepy myths funny.... :)