Reviews for "Saten & Jezus"

Love me or I'll torture you forever -Jezus

Sexual-Lobster responds:

yep pretty much.

There's some juicy symbolism in this that you wouldn't get unless you've upheld some sort of moral code. Slow, "hard", and bumpy trek (perhaps a "Shell-tered" existence) for one; a Swift, "soft", and smooth road ( Dark, yet laden with pussy) for the other. Great comparison of the paths of both Good and Evil! I could chew on this for a while.

(Great animation, as always - Five stars.)

That was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen but it seriously cracked me up. I have nothing bad to say about this, it's simply a funny short that was done pretty well. Good work!

No time to explain!
Get in the TARDIS!

religion in a nutshellXD also thumbs up to u sexual-lobster, great animation as always