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Reviews for "Saten & Jezus"

sweet jesus i like dis

Ahahaa, I love how random it is! I cant wait for the next vid.

honestly newgrounds these days is 99% of talented but immature animators who can't write a joke if their damn lives depended on it

i knew as soon as a bald eagle exploded into a mushroom cloud and gave birth to a chick in a business suit that this was going to be a weird one.
(honestly though do we expect anything less from Sexual-Lobster these days?)

looked and sounded great like always. (got a chuckle especially from the Microsoft Sam business dude and woman)
as is natural for GreasyMoose, the animation was pretty darn glorious.

given a choice i'd hang with Santans. sure he's not wearing a shirt (or pants?) but that turtle looked uncomfortable man. far far too uncomfortable.
pretty sure i played a game like this once though, only instead of people in business suits you ate berries and s**t entire walls.
that was still when i had my old PC86 though. man those were the days.

What's then devil's favourite number?