Reviews for "Villainy - The Trap"

Haha... I didn't just 'notice' the paper that said blowjob, I paused it at 2:30 to read it lol. Good luck obtaining that signature. Suppose he didn't spend his money on the wrong, and hilariously inappropriately named snack, glided over the industrial fan, used the jumbo, non-toxic crapola crayons, got the hamster to run on the wheel to lift the portcullis, rode the melting fowl across the lake of lava, constructed a boss tinker toy to scale the wall, made a balsa wood plane that will have caused him to shit himself from having so much fun, sent the plane perfectly through the mini golf wind mill, rode the zipline into the 'debate chamber,' all of which would have been much more simple than his next task of convincing an evangelical christian to sign that exact paper owing one (1) blowjobs to the entire scientific community after admitting her stupidity and clearly inaccurate ignorance. Awesome video with lots of subtle, disguised humor. People who pay attention will all love this.

My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that considering you indicated that you spent a lot of time on this, why sell it short and not follow through with it? If you would have put on just as much work on the end as you did the whole other, sure it would have doubled the amount of work needed pushing this submission close to Thanksgiving but it would have been a much more complete project. If it wasn't so well done to begin with, I would have penalized a lot (not that it really matters I realize) for not completing it. Although you see this work as complete, I don't. It seems like you got lazy and because you were overwhelmed with the task to begin with so you just cut it short. I, like others would have liked to see him get a little further than the vending machine. It was funny but also extremely predictable.

------- 4.5/5 -------

Yeah, I had a feeling this wouldn't work out well for him. I think the best thing here is how long it takes to describe what's going on. It just makes the entire thing pointless. The humor works well in that. I'm still waiting for something else in the Gone Too Far. Well, I guess it's not really a series.

This is probably my favorite in that it works so well with what it is. I thought it said "Tape" at first. I mistook it for another cartoon in the series. I had a great Halloween and I hope you did too. The facial expressions shine as always.

Now that was perfect for Halloween.
Too bad I never watched any of the saw movies.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, that's got to be the most elaborately laid out trap ever made... and of course it all ends with the first obstacle. :) I was hoping Villiany would've somehow managed to solve his problem by the time the trap had been explained though, a screw loose or something... but either way this was a fun watch. Keep it going!


ah it's good to see more villany hope you can make some more it has so much potential