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Reviews for "Astroback"

Rather boring.

You think this is part of Game Ark? Jeeebus. Enough plugs in there?

As for the game Hit detection was something to be desired. Too much floating when jumping, your landing seemed a tad unpredictable. Very short and very, super, simple level design.

Please, This intro of gameark is anoying as hell.
you will receive a better Rating if you make it at least mute

Dude, seriously, they frontpaged THIS?
The gameplay is rather slow, there's no exploration involved (the world is way too small), and some endings are just TOO stupid.
If there was any atmosphere, that logo in the middle of the screen would kill it.
And last, in the "I feel something here" screen, you forgot to remove the smoke from the jetpack in the upper part of the screen.

Sorry, I know how hard it is to come up with original ideas and put them into code, but it feels like you didn't even try.

Sorry... but this seemed extremely pointless. Good thing it was short, because it certainly wasn't any fun.