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Reviews for "Astroback"

I really like the multi ending and the concept. The art and the drawings are too much abused and ordinary for a game, didn't loved so much, could have been a great game with a more interesting visual art. Gameplay is normal, jump and interact with objects, nothing more, but it's ok for a game of this kind.

Please, This intro of gameark is anoying as hell.
you will receive a better Rating if you make it at least mute

This is how simple and short game should look like. I was enjoying that atmospheric feeling which was even more amazing with that soundtrack. Good job!

Well done! A little fleshing out and a bit more thought to the endings and this would be a 5 star. Looking forward to your next game.

Short and simple but fun to play. Would love to see a sequel with some more challenging stages. In terms of game design it looks great and the controls/physics all work very well.