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Reviews for "Astroback"

good game, but ingame sponsor logo is really annoying

Well this was a fun adventure, not too long, not overly complicated, just a small area to explore and a few alien obstacles/creatures to encounter. Good controls, really smooth music and a few entertaining endings. Feels like you could've done a lot more with the endings though, most of them aren't as amazing as they could've been. There seems to be one happy one, one unhappy one, two 'this isn't real' and two a bit random but not as spectacularly random as they could've been. Looking forward to more games like this though, keep it up!


this game is terrible.

here are the flaws.

1. It's too incredible short.
2. not enough challenge to it, just move jump interact.
3. Too much advertisement for fucking game arc, that fucking intro is so annoying. I hate surf music. Does the fucking sponsor image have to be on every fucking screen.
4. the first ending is next to impossible to figure out, those blue sparkles look like fucking stars in the background.
5. this game lacks texture. Use less cleshay backgrounds.

the only good part are the endings, which i might add are just pictures not animations.

too easy like its not even a game... :P

good for what it is.